Experiencing violence and abnormal personality development in adolescents


In the literature on the subject and in clinical practice, the issue of personality disorders in children and adolescents appears more and more often, which so far has been discussed only in the context of adults, possibly recognizing their early symptoms in late adolescence. Studies show that behavioural patterns and developmental paths, manifesting themselves at different times and in different situations, can be symptoms of abnormal personality development. One of the most important sources of abnormal personality development is seen in victimization experiences. The aim of the study was therefore to establish the relationship between the experience of trauma and the symptoms of abnormal personality development in adolescence. The study involved 65 people aged 15–18 years (28 boys and 37 girls) in two study groups: (1) a clinical group – people at risk of maladjustment and socially maladjusted and (2) a control group – randomly selected high school students. The Juvenile Victimization Questionnaire (JVQ) (Hamby, Finkelhor, Turner, Kracke, 2011) was used in the Polish adaptation (Makaruk, Włodarczyk, Wojcik, 2013) and the CBCL (The Child Behavior Checklist; Achenbach & Rescorla) in the Polish adaptation by T. Wolańczyk (2001). As a result of the conducted research, it has been shown that there are significant differences between the clinical group and the control group in terms of symptoms of antisocial, narcissistic, borderline and schizoid personality disorders. On the other hand, the differences between the symptoms of personality disorders taking into account the gender of the respondents indicate only significant results in terms of symptoms of antisocial personality Iwona Grzegorzewska, Beata Pastwa-Wojciechowska, Anna Deplewska-Spasow 170 (pp. 169–188) disorders. The obtained results allow to confirm the existing dependencies in the literature on the subject, indicating at the same time the need for differentiated impact depending on gender, type of disorder and trauma or traumas suffered.


personality disorders; trauma; children and adolescences

Published : 2024-02-02

Grzegorzewska, I., Pastwa-Wojciechowska, B., & Deplewska-Spasow, A. (2024). Experiencing violence and abnormal personality development in adolescents. Resocjalizacja Polska, (26), 175-195. https://doi.org/10.22432/pjsr.2023.26.12

Iwona Grzegorzewska 
Uniwersytet Zielonogórski  Poland
Beata Pastwa-Wojciechowska 
Uniwersytet Gdański  Poland

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