Convicts’ Awareness of Post-Penitentiary Assistance


The period leading up to a convict’s completion of their sentence holds immense significance, not only for the them but also for their family, and for society. During the period of serving the sentence, and especially in the last 6 months, actions are taken to prepare the convict for reintegration into society. With regard to the practice of post-penitentiary assistance, it is important for the convict to be aware of the possibilities and scope of post-penitentiary assistance they can receive. The article presents a fragment of research that was carried out for the needs of the Local Council for Social Readaptation and Assistance to Convicts, established by the Silesian Voivode, of which the author is a member.


readaptation; post-penitentiary assistance; convicts

Published : 2024-02-02

Walancik, M. (2024). Convicts’ Awareness of Post-Penitentiary Assistance. Resocjalizacja Polska, (26), 137-155.

Marek Walancik 
Akademia WSB  Poland

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